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    “How the COVID-19 crisis may impact higher education unions’ work and strategy on casualisation”, by Rob Copeland.

    Photo: UCU Photographer / Flickr

    In response to the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, unions have been working hard to ensure that governments mitigate the effects on workers’ jobs, salaries and working conditions. During this ongoing crisis, workers in so-called ‘non-standard forms of employment’[1] such as those on zero-hours contracts, in agency work and in ‘b...

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    “Coronavirus: Our principles, values, and shared humanity”, by Susan Hopgood.

    Photo: Jose Fontano/Unsplash

    Combat of the Coronavirus has graduated in many countries to closing of schools and most public gatherings and some businesses. EI has mostly focused on the impact on education and teachers and Education Support Personnel (ESP) and have been providing reports regularly from countries and regions and on what is happening at the i...

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    “Joined up Action Needed: Gender and Schooling in the Time of COVID 19”, by Elaine Unterhalter.

    Sierra Leone. Photo: GPE/Stephan Bachenheimer.

    More than 1.5 billion children worldwide are out of school due to COVID 19 and we don't know for how long. As yet there is no gender disaggregation of these figures. This shock comes at a time when, slowly, the number of children enrolling and completing school was beginning to rise. Over the last five years, governments and...

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