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    Advocating for a Strong Profession:

    International Summit on the Future of the teaching profession

    Collective review of progress made in policy commitments It is the idea of countries making policy commitments for the coming year and then collectively reviewing the progress made at the next Summit which will hopefully provide the basis of future Summits. Nothing is perfect and that includes the...

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    Taking a stand for teachers


    Take a Stand for Teachers and Education Unions The theme for this year’s World Teachers’ Day is “Take a Stand for Teachers”. In light of all the challenges we face today, perhaps the theme should be extended to “Take a Stand for Teachers and Education Unions”. Th...

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    Cuts, reforms and union response in Spain


    The crisis in Spain has deepened, proving that austerity measures do not work. The unemployment rate is currently 25 per cent and youth unemployment has reached 53 per cent; double that of other EU countries. Poverty is increasing; it is estimated that 12.5 million people in Spain (27 per cent of th...

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    Education and the U.S. Elections


    Education has not featured much in the U.S. Presidential debates, nor on the campaign trail.  Yet there are very significant differences between the candidates, and education is perhaps the most important issue facing any society's future.  And, at present, education in the U.S. is in dire...

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