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    Understanding the crisis: Why austerity is failing


    Five years have passed since the onset of the economic crisis in the United States and in Europe, and much of the world’s economy still remains deeply depressed. Even in regions where the economic situation has stabilized, any growth that has arisen has not been sufficient enough to supply for the i...

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    AFT and NEA grassroots-level work In addition to pouring more than $10.2 million into the campaign – more than any other union – NEA members defeated Issue 2 by hitting the streets, knocking on doors and phone banking. The Ohio Education Association (OEA), the NEA state affiliate, field...

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    World Teachers' Day reflection


    I’ve just come back from a speaking at a panel at UNESCO’s World Teachers’ Day celebration. Chaired by EI’s Deputy General Secretary David Edwards, its speakers ranged from Ron Thorpe, Chair of the US’ National Board for Professional Teaching Standards through to Sofialaetica Morales, Senior adviser...

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    Stop precarious work!


    Mr. Dyokwe worked as an employee of a factory in Cape Town, South Africa beginning in 2000. In 2003, he was asked by his supervisor to go and “sign a form”. When he went to the office at the address provided, he was told that he would have to go to work for a “labour broker” if he wanted to keep his...

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