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    Is this the end

    F. Destree (EI)

    Getting foreign aid to fund the right policies In a world where there is less funding for education, we need to take full advantage of the opportunities we have and ensure the right investments are made. While it is true that many donor countries are no longer funding education because of the econ...

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    Challenging Hostile Ideologies in the Crisis

    Custom image for paper magazine cover (F. Destree, EI)

    The economic crisis is being used to justify the complete deregulation and privatisation of public services in order to ‘reduce costs’. Widespread cuts in expenditure on public education are damaging both quality and equality of access to education, as well as undermining the status of...

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    Decreasing development aid

    After a devastating earthquake in Haiti in January 2010, EI affiliates’ solidarity efforts helped get thousands of children back to schools.  © 2011, Ramon Espinosa, AP/Reporters.be

    Enhancing use of funds in Latin America In Latin America, sustainability and the use of funding are predominant issues. “Co-operation development underwent a deep and far-reaching crisis due to the worldwide economic situation, and is less important and not top priority now,” says Comb...

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