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    Back to the dark days


    Public financing of universities in Spain will be cut by more than half at the end of 2012. And, in 2015, the Spanish government will reduce public expenditure in education to 3.9 per cent of GPD. Spain is currently placed among those countries with low public expenditure in education. That situati...

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    ETUCE campaign-Regulate Global Finance Now!


    European education unions join Regulate Global Finance Now! (02 July 2012) The EI European region, the European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE), has joined the large Regulate Global Finance Now! campaign. This campaign comprises five sub-campaigns: “A financial transaction tax, now!”, “...

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    Austerity and the First Law of Holes


    “If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.” That’s the popular proverb accredited to former British politician Denis Healy. It’s a graphic way of saying that when you’re in a difficult situation, the first thing you should do is stop making it worse. When Healy first coined his Law of Holes in...

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    Evaluating Teachers: Value-Added Has No Value


    The neoliberal politics and economics of the past thirty or so years has increasingly blamed government for society's ills. One corollary has been to promote narrow business models to evaluate government performance and to use those models to cut back government. Both of these tendencies have become...

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