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    “Teachers – Being in Control or Being Controlled?”, by Jim Baker.

    Photo: GPE/Kelley Lynch

    The status and role of professional teachers are affected by global efforts to make schools reason and operate like private companies even in some schools systems that may appear untouched by market reform fervour. A publication released last month on the profession addresses, in different contexts, the impact of that ideologica...

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    #SABERexposed “The World Bank’s SABER: A Knowledge Source or an Ideologically-Honed Weapon to Compel Neoliberal Educational Reforms?”, by Mark Ginsburg and Steven Klees.

    Photo: Patrick Tomasso/Unsplash

    The acronym for the World Bank’s Systems Approach for Better Education Results (SABER) suggests two meanings. The first, based on a pronunciation with a short “a” sound and stress on the second syllable, calls to mind the Spanish term meaning knowledge (or to know). The second, based on a pronunciation of a long “a” sound and a...

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    “Education International. Eighth World Congress”, by John Bangs.

    Education International

    The online magazine ‘Education Journal’ recently published in its edition 385 a report of Education International’s eighth World Congress in Bangkok by EI Senior Consultant, John Bangs. Education Journal has agreed to its publication for Worlds of Education. It has been slightly edited for EI’s global audience.

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