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    “Education on the International Day of Democracy”, by David Edwards.

    Photo: Jimmy Lau / Flickr

    The United Nations established the International Day of Democracy on the 15th of September in 2007 to promote democracy. In 2019, it is clear that democracy and all the things that go with it like human rights and rule of law need to be defended as well as promoted. Education is affected by the state of democracy as well as rele...

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    “Copyright Issues and Teachers' Dilemma in Asia Pacific”, by Dr. Robert Jeyakumar.


    I woke up in Budapest on a fine summer morning to deliver a lecture using materials I had prepared in Malaysia in accordance with copyright exceptions allowed in Malaysia. Just before the lecture, I was informed that my materials did not conform to copyright laws in the EU. Dismay! This was just the beginning of my series of lec...

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    “Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Cote d’Ivoire: problematic privatization and a framework to be redefined”, by Eric Lavigne.

    Photo: GPE/Carine Durand

    The Pathways to Education and Work research group from the University of Toronto has published its report entitled “Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Cote d’Ivoire”. The study assesses, negatively, the results of privatization of education on technical and vocational education and training (TVET), calls for more...

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