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    “Education Support Personnel: Shining light on the invisible workforce”, by Philippa Butler.

    Credits: Laurent Bolli / Flickr

    Education Support Personnel (ESP) are a vital part of the education workforce. They help to do all the background tasks and hidden duties that ensure that teachers can teach and students can learn. Together with teachers and school leaders, ESP are responsible for creating and sustaining a school culture where learning can take...

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    “Trade union research and action: an exchange of views on academic mobbing”, by Jean-Marie Lafortune and Eve Seguin.

    McGill University, Montréal. Photo: Mathieu Thouvenin/Flickr

    In October 2018, the Quebec Federation of University Professors (FQPPU), affiliated to Education International, published a report entitled “Le mobbing en milieu académique : mieux comprendre le phénomène pour mieux l’enrayer” (“Mobbing in an academic environment: understanding the phenomenon better in order to eradicate it bett...

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