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    “A teacher’s experience having to get to grips with online teaching in the midst of a global pandemic”, by Lisa O’Donoghue.

    Education International

    I sighed as I sat down at my kitchen table. To my left, a fresh cup of coffee, to my right stacks of textbooks, in front of me a fully charged Microsoft Surface Pro. Right, let’s do this! My fingers hovered uncertainly over my keyboard as I perused my notes and carefully formulated plan for the day. It was Friday 13th March and...

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    “The impact of COVID-19 on society in the Asia-Pacific region”, by Masaki Okajima.

    Photo: GPE/Livia Barton

    COVID-19 is spreading worldwide, impacting children, educators, parents and, most seriously, vulnerable people. The pandemic has affected over 1.5 billion learners in 192 countries in the world. School closures affect over 91% of the world’s enrolled student population and teaching personnel. Most countries in Asia-Pacific have...

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    “Transforming economies and the financing of public education post-COVID”, by David Archer.

    Photo: GPE/Kelley Lynch

    Public health and public education systems that have been underfunded for a generation are being overwhelmed by COVID-19. We are just now beginning to see the scale of the impact this will have on low income countries and on girls and women in particular. Much of the burden of caring for the sick and for children home from schoo...

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