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    #SABERexposed "Teachers in the World Bank's SABER", by Melanie Baker Robbins.

    Credits: Dominic Chavez / World Bank

    This blog post presents two major critiques of the SABER-Teachers domain: The World Bank’s inconsistent use of empirical evidence in order to promote policies that reflect its ideological biases related to teachers and the teaching profession, and the way the SABER-Teachers domain framework paper serves to de-professionalize tea...

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    “Impoverishing the poor: the deficiencies of the World Bank’s learning poverty goal”, by Dennis Sinyolo.

    Photo: GPE/Michelle Mesen

    On 17 October, the World Bank announced a new global target for education aimed at reducing ‘learning poverty’ - the percentage of children who are unable to read by the age of 10 – in half by 2030. The World Bank’s initiative is a step in the wrong direction, and risks impoverishing the same children it aims to extricate from...

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    #SABERexposed “Engaging the Private Sector”, by Brendan DeCoster.

    Photo: GPE/Mediabase

    As part of the blog series critiquing the World Bank’s Systems Approach for Better Education Results (SABER) initiative, I examine some of the more problematic aspects of the Bank’s claims that 1) they are representing a consensus on engagement of the private sector and 2) that they are not pursuing an ideological agenda regardi...

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