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    "Let´s work together – Looking forward to ISTP 2019 in Finland", by Anders Rusk

    Photo: Oriol Salvador / Flickr

    We received good news in the beginning of autumn 2018 when we were told that Finland was appointed host country for the International Summit on the Teaching Profession 2019. This was something we in the Opetusalan Ammattijärjestö, OAJ, had lobbied, for before, without success. We are proud to contribute to the work of such a hig...

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    #IWD2019 #Education Voices: “The Political Participation of Women and Their Prominent Role in Brazil’s Trade Union Movement”, by Fátima da Silva.

    Photo: Estela Loth

    Until recently, women in Latin America had achieved unprecedented levels of political participation with the election of women presidents in several countries in the region. Dilma Rousseff (2011–2016), Cristina Kirchner (2007–2015) and Michelle Bachelet (2006–2010 and 2014–2018) all served two terms as elected presidents in Braz...

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    #IWD2019 #Education Voices: “A gender perspective is an integral part of education unions' child labour projects”, by Nora Wintour


    As part of a research project on the most effective practices related to the implementation of activities against child labour by education unions commissioned by AOb and EI, I recently had the privilege to carry out field missions in Uganda, Morocco, Albania and Mali – at first glance not countries that have lots in common, you...

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